Course Length: 5 days (40 hours)

MCTFT Coordinators: Gail Walker (727-344-8020)

This course is designed for law enforcement officers and will be beneficial for general criminal detectives, narcotics agents, patrol officers, and any other officers interested in proactive narcotic related policing.  During this training, agents will be provided information which will allow them to conduct narcotic investigations in a safe yet effective manner.  Agents will learn the latest techniques being used by narcotic officers across the country to combat drug trafficking and the distribution of illegal narcotics.  With today’s view on policing, it is important to stay current on case law, search warrant execution, and consensual encounters which will all be discussed during this course.  Upon completion of this course, agents will be better prepared to handle every aspect of narcotic investigations.

Overview of topics

  • Conducting successful surveillance
  • Controlled deliveries of Parcel Interdiction & Delivery / Train Interdiction
  • Undercover Narcotic Operations
  • Operational planning & briefing
  • C/S Management
  • Knock & Talk investigations
  • Consensual Encounters
  • Targeting Problem Areas
  • Search Warrant Preparation & Execution
  • Current Drug Trends
  • Videos of successful & unsuccessful narcotic operations (including robberies)
  • Instructors teach based on their experience as a narcotic officer

Course Schedule and Contacts:

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