Course Length: 3 days (24 hours)

MCTFT Coordinators: SSG Tyler Morris (904-682-3912)

This is an intensive “tactical” applications course designed for the explicit purpose of officer safety for those officers involved in high-risk encounters with subjects implicated in drug and other investigations. The training is relevant for federal, state and local drug task forces, narcotics squads, officers who encounter drug violators in their patrol duties, and teams investigating and executing arrest warrants for subjects involved in drug trafficking and violent crimes. The training is offered at host locations which can provide proper facilities and tactical supplies for both the classroom and the intensive hands-on training. High-impact learning is aided by Simunition-equipped weapons for tracking operational skills and student survival behaviors. Exercises develop rules of engagement skills relevant for traditional police activities and military-law enforcement.

* Note: This is a reduction of the full 5 day course. This version is location flexible and covers fewer objectives/topics as listed below.


  • Understand the importance of operations orders, briefing skills, site surveys, proper equipment, control and communications, medical support and contingency plans for safe tactical operations.
  • Demonstrate the skillful use of ballistic shields, weapons, cover and concealment, dynamic entries, and methodical searches and clearings.
  • Demonstrate individual tactics and movements.
  • Demonstrate proper techniques for vehicle assaults and extractions, making arrests and handling subjects.

Overview of Topics

  • Operational Planning
  • Operational Briefing
  • Individual Tactics and Movement
  • Ballistic Shield
  • Building Entries and Clearing
  • Vehicle Assaults

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