Course Length: 3 days (24 hours)

Narcotics supervisors often have no narcotics experience at the beginning of their assignment.  This course will address common issues narcotics supervisors are faced with and provide different options to handle various situations.  This 24 hour course is designed for law enforcement officers aspiring to be supervisors of narcotics units and current supervisors of narcotics units.  The methods taught during this course have been proven effective and resulted in improved day to day operations of narcotics units.

Course Objectives

  • Confidently/properly manage a narcotics unit
  • Effectively resolve conflict through communication
  • Confidently supervise undercover operations
  • Identify a problem area
  • Properly handle confidential informants
  • Effectively conduct consensual encounters
  • Correctly conduct surveillance
  • Properly prepare and execute a search warrant
  • Understand the current methods of drug smuggling

Overview of topics

  • Managing Narcotics Units and Agents
  • Goal Oriented Communication for Police Officers
  • Supervising Undercover Operations
  • Identifying Problem Areas
  • Confidential Source Management
  • Managing Consensual Encounters
  • Advanced Surveillance Techniques
  • Preparing & Executing Search Warrants
  • Current Methods of Drug Couriers

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