Course Length: 8 Hours

Description: The course begins with a 2 hour classroom portion that covers an Introduction to RTTS, The Mindset of the TTS, Responsibilities during the event, Proper use of cover, Weapons Manipulation in confined spaces, Fundamental Knowledge of the TTS. This is then followed by 6 hours of practical exercise utilizing both indoor and/or outdoor locations.

Course Objectives:

  • Introduction to the Tactically Trained Subject
  • Mindset of the Tactically Trained Subject
  • Responsibilities during the event
  • Proper use of cover – Difference in Cover vs. Concealment
  • Movement in confined spaces
  • Fundamental Knowledge of the Tactically Trained Subject
  • Proper Response to the Tactically Trained Subject in an Active Shooter scenario

This course can be modified to fit the needs of the Agency.

Course Schedule and Contacts:

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