Course Length: 22.5 hours

Description: This course will build on the Narcotics Officer’s knowledge of the defensive tactics techniques already in practice. It will provide solutions for dealing with unarmed subjects and combatants during close in engagements. During live scenario drills the operator may be in full duty uniform to include: Helmet, rifle, side arm, body armor with complete equipment. The live scenario drills will be as real life as physically possible while maintaining a responsible level of safety. It is a physically demanding course requiring students to be in top physical condition.

Course Objectives:

  • Proper stretching, warm-up techniques and drills to maintain an agency’s combative readiness
  • Provide team techniques and/or SOP’s for team members while dealing with non-compliant subjects during entries.
  • Rifle/Pistol retention
  • Weapon transitioning during the fight
  • Ground fighting techniques and restraints
  • Pistol retention while engaged on the ground
  • “Closing the Distance,” establishing the Clinch, and takedown techniques.
  • Defenses against strikes and takedowns

*Performance in this course will be driven by the physical condition of students.

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