Course Length: 8 Hours

Description: Law Enforcement Officers assigned to Narcotics task force have a tremendous need for reliable communication. This course provides the Officers with the required technical knowledge to successfully implement the use of the PRC-152 Harris Radios. Providing reliable communication through both, secure and open channels the PRC-152 allows for planning and execution of operations in locations where no other form of communication may be present. This course instructs the Narcotic Officers regarding the PRC-152 interface, technical strengths of the signal, and proper use of varying radio communication types. Multiple practical exercises are conducted to ensure that short range and long range communications work properly, and to instill confidence in the officer’s ability operate the equipment. Given the growing threat from tactically and technically proficient adversaries it is imperative that the Narcotics Officers have the proper equipment and training to successfully and safely interdict criminals.

Course Objectives:

  • Introduction
  • PRC-152 Familiarization
  • SINCGARS Familiarization
  • DAMA Familiarization
  • Short Range Practical Exercise
  • Retransmit Practical Exercise

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