Course Length: 2 days (16 hours)

MCTFT Coordinators: Gail Walker (727-344-8020)

This course is for the street patrol officer, investigator or detective who is assigned to a criminal street gang unit or investigation. This course will develop an in-depth working knowledge of the laws regarding criminal street gangs and the origins, trends, methods of operation, criminality and drug activity of the most commonly encountered criminal street gangs. This understanding will then facilitate a thorough investigation (to include ethics, officer safety and documentation) to prepare the case for successful prosecution.


  • Understand local, state and federal laws regarding criminal street gangs, organized crime, and how to effectively prosecute these cases.
  • Identify and classify criminal street gang members and associates.
  • Describe the history of gang alliances and rivalries specific to traditional and non-traditional criminal street gangs.
  • Discuss methods of operation commonly used by criminal street gangs.
  • Read and analyze criminal street gang communications.
  • Discuss the influence of transnational gangs/domestic terrorist groups.
  • Identify strategies for successful documentation, gang intelligence files and case file management.
  • Prepare your case for prosecution.
  • Describe law enforcement strategies for combating criminal street gangs i.e., suppression and prosecution of gangs.
  • Understand ethical issues and solutions when dealing with gang members.
  • Describe critical officer safety strategies when encountering gang members or associates.

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