Course Length: 2 days (16 hours)

MCTFT Coordinators: Gail Walker (727-344-8020)

This 16-hour class will educate corrections officers, prison guards, and jail nurses on recognizing current drug trends, clandestine clothing, paraphernalia, concealment methods, symbols of the drug world and recognizing the variety of ways contraband is smuggled or mailed to correctional facilities. There will be over 100 drug related items on display for officer to decipher the use and meanings.

The course will also provide a broad overview of how the use of substances affect each of the 11 major systems of the human body. Whether it be the abuse of prescription medications or street drugs, there is a wide range of observable side effects. Understanding that drugs fall within seven categories will assist students in understanding how a particular category of drug will create specific effects on the body. These effects can be short lived or longer lasting depending on the substance ingested. The course will provide an explanation of drug half-lives and the relevance to addiction.

Whether it is a Huber inmate returning from work, bookings or sentenced inmates, drug use is prevalent. One of the key factors in keeping both staff and inmates safe is recognizing substance abuse, overdose signs and symptoms and being able to distinguish them from possible medical conditions, which can mimic drug use.

Course Objectives

  • Describe the current trends in contraband smuggling and use in correctional facilities.
  • Recognize and understand the various pieces of paraphernalia and the relation to specific drugs.
  • Recognize and interpret the hidden meanings in clothing through display items.
  • Identify the seven drug categories.
  • Describe human physiology and the affects specific drugs categories have on each system.
  • Identify the potential results when combining drugs from different categories.
  • Differentiate between street drug use and prescription medication use.
  • Discuss the safety concerns for both staff and inmates.

Overview of topics

  • Current Drug Trends in Correctional Facilities
  • Types and Categories of Drugs
  • Effects on the Major Systems of the Human Body
  • Medical Conditions Which Can Mimic Drug Use

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