Course Length: 3 days (24 hours)

MCTFT Coordinators: Gail Walker (727-344-8020)

Conspiracies involving the activities of complex transnational criminal and drug organizations with numerous individuals and a variety of crimes are inherently difficult to investigate and successfully prosecute because of the internal discipline and structure within the organization. Utilizing both conspiracy laws and investigative techniques, the investigators and prosecutors can successfully target and prosecute entire organizations whether for a singular event or a long term historical conspiracy. The goal of this course is to show the student how to successfully target, investigate and prosecute criminal organizations from start to finish. The student will be taught various investigative strategies and techniques, who to target within an organization, how to develop informants within an organization, the types of evidence to obtain, and how to link everything into a successful conspiracy prosecution of a criminal organization.

Course Objectives

  • Target transnational criminal organizations and Drug Trafficking Organizations (DTO’s).
  • Develop an investigative strategy that targets the entire organization.
  • Discuss the legal issues of every conspiracy investigation and prosecution.
  • Identify the investigative techniques that have proven to be the most effective at targeting and prosecuting entire criminal organizations.
  • Identify the types of evidence is needed for a successful criminal prosecution.
  • Describe how to obtain the evidence that is needed for a successful prosecution.
  • Identify the various technologies that are available to law enforcement.
  • Develop informants within the organization.
  • Obtain taped conversations of conspirators talking about crimes through the use of consent phone calls, body wires or wiretaps.
  • Organize the investigative case files.
  • Successfully prosecute the organization.

Overview of topics

  • Legal Elements of Conspiracy Investigations
  • Strategic vs. Tactical Investigations
  • Investigative Techniques, Strategies and Stages
  • Use of Informants
  • Cell Phone Capabilities and Evidence
  • Case File Management
  • Wiretaps and Taped Conversations
  • Acquiring Admissible Evidence

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