Location: Distance Learning
Cost: Tuition FREE
Course Length: 1.5 Hour

This distance learning session serves as both an introduction to tactical medicine and as a refresher course for those with practical experience. This class features a live instructor who is able to answer questions and interact with students through our “Blackboard Collaborate” learning environment.

In order to receive a training certificate, students must pass the final exam with a 70% or higher. The test is available through our Blackboard learning management system at the end of the training session.

As a Law Enforcement Officer there is a chance you will find yourself on a scene where someone is severely wounded. If your life is still in danger from an active shooter or some other threat and medics are unavailable it is up to you to react, this course can assist you in gaining the skills and confidence to provide immediate lifesaving measures. Tactical Combat Casualty Care or TCCC assists military personnel in dealing with this type of situation, and this course is designed to help Law Enforcement Officers benefit from the medical knowledge gained from over 10 years of combat.  This course demonstrates how you can incorporate it into your own tactics, techniques, and procedures in responding to Drug Search Warrants, Felony Arrests and High liability Duties.

Course Objectives:

  • Be able to identify, prioritize, and treat life threatening injuries
  • Understand what should be included in a first aid kit
  • Control Bleeding
  • Open an Airway
  • Treat Chest Wounds
  • Treat for Shock

Points of Contact:

  • SFC Joseph Santos (Lead Instructor) 904-682-3959
  • SPC Rafael Collazo (IT or Registration) 904-682-3912

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