Location: Distance Learning
Cost: Tuition FREE
Course Length: 1.5 Hour

This distance learning session serves as both an introduction to working with hazardous materials and as a refresher course for those with practical experience. This class features a live instructor who is able to answer questions and interact with students in a “GoToTraining.com” environment.

In order to receive a training certificate, students must pass the final exam with a 70% or higher. This test is administered online at the end of the training session.

In 1993, 270 clandestine laboratories were seized in the United States, primarily in the West and Southwest. In 2001, approximately 8000 methamphetamine laboratories were seized and reported to the National Clandestine Laboratory Database at the El Paso Intelligence Center.

Methamphetamine synthesis utilizes hazardous chemicals including irritants and neurotoxins. Aerosolized methamphetamine and associated toxic substances permeates surfaces, surrounding, even wood construction walls. Disposed waste includes corrosive and other hazardous materials. The capture, arrest, and transport of suspects and toxic materials can contaminate officers and their vehicles. Direct contact with these toxins produced symptoms such as reduced respiratory functions, headache, cough, eye and throat irritation, heartburn and acid reflux, skin rashes, and effects on the central nervous system.

Learning Objectives:
• Identify levels of HazMat training and PPE
• Protect person from contamination by donning PPE
• Recognize limitations of PPE
• Remove potentially contaminated PPE without contaminating person

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