Traditional Training

Are there hidden fees associated with hosting or attending traditional courses?

MCTFT program provides unique, tuition-free, courses covering all aspects of counterdrug law enforcement and training support for community anti-drug coalitions.  The goal of our program is to train as many officers as possible at no cost to their agencies.  All MCTFT courses are tuition free, meaning no fees are paid by students to attend an MCTFT course.  MCTFT is a federally funded partnership through the Department of Defense between the Florida National Guard and St. Petersburg College.

How can I register for traditional courses?

To register for Traditional courses please click on the class ID of a class that is scheduled or contact the organization/agency hosting the course.  A contact person and phone number is provided for each course.  You may also use the floating yellow button found on each page to request help.

Can I host a course at my own agency/location?

Yes.  To view the minimum requirements for hosting a course, click here.  However, there are some courses that may require needs that are specific to the course.  Once you have selected the course(s) you would like to host from the Traditional Training or Customized Agency Training menus, contact the MCTFT Coordinator listed at the top of the page for further assistance.

Is there a specific waiting period between requesting and actually hosting a course?

The schedule for the course depends on a number of factors including the MCTFT Coordinator’s remaining budget, the schedule of the host, and the schedule of the instructors. The role of the Coordinator is to balance those factors to schedule the course.

Does MCTFT provide free lodging for its students?

No. In order for MCTFT to provide training to as many officers are possible, housing for students is not a cost that can be accommodated.

How do I get on to Camp Blanding?

Coming on to Camp Blanding will require you pass through a security check point, the C or D gate.  You must show valid, photo ID regardless of whether or not you’re in a marked unit.  For example if you are coming to train as a LEO you need to show your LEO ID, military would show MIL ID and so on.  This ensures the safety of our service members, our civilian employees and you.  Please have your ID ready, dim lights and limit speed to 15 MPH or less.

E-Drug Training

Are the e-drug classes the same as online classes?

Yes, they are.

How do I register for an e-drug course?

The method of registration depends on which type of class you want to attend.  Registration for E-drug (online) and telecasts can be done online at the MCTFT website.

The registration for E-drug can be found here.  The application process is simple as well.  Read the information about applying, and complete the request training form.  Upon verification of your military or law enforcement employment status, you will receive an email providing information on accessing your courses.

All material and learning quizzes are online and are self-paced.  You can login or out of the course as necessary. Once you have successfully completed a course with a 70% or better on the final exam, your Certificate of Completion will appear on your screen for you to print.

For additional information regarding E-drug courses, please contact LeeAnn Bowen at (800) 243-5550.

How do I login to my e-drug courses?

To login to your e-drug course/s, use the following steps:

  1. Username/Password:(a) Our goal is to provide the most efficient online course delivery possible, which involves purging our system of accounts that have been inactive for more than 6 months. If you find your account has been removed due to inactivity, please reapply using the application form.(b) If you have forgotten your password, please contact our HelpDesk at 727-341-4357 or
  2. The list of your courses will be located in the left-hand column. Just click on the course you desire to work on. You may work on as many courses at once as you wish.  Our courses use Desire2Learn software, so this will be a learning experience for you only once, and will be reused in each course.

Having Trouble Logging In?

If you’re having difficulties logging in to your courses, here are some tips that might help you:

  • Please allow 24 hours from time of receipt of emailed login instructions for our system to upload your information into the courses.
  • Make sure your Caps Lock key is not engaged when typing in your Student Number or Password. Your Student Number and Password should be typed in lower case.
  • Your username is your email address, and your password is the information you provided on your application.
  • Call the help desk at (727) 341-4357 or email

Having problems accessing your quizzes?

This may be due to “pop-up blockers” installed on your computer. For assistance in disabling / removing these so that you may access your quizzes, please visit

Please check your setup to ensure that your browser is properly configured to use the system.

  • Minimum requirements for browsers:
    • IE 9
    • Chrome 27
    • FireFox 21
    • Safari 6 (Mac)
    • Android v4 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
    • iOS 7
  • Note: Flash elements will not work on mobile devices (Android and iOS)

Broadcasts / Video / CD-ROM Training

How do I register for a broadcast?

Go to the Broadcasts page and click register for telecasts.

If an officer orders several CD’s, can other officers at his/her agency use the same CD?

Yes. In fact, we encourage the officers to share the CD’s.

How can I obtain a copy of a CD-ROM?

CD’s are ordered via the MCTFT website at this link.


How can I obtain a replacement certificate from one of the classroom training courses?

Simply complete the form at this link.

Retired Officers

Can retired police officers take MCTFT training?

The training is available to retired officers currently serving in a reserve or auxiliary capacity with an agency.

How do I get on to Camp Blanding?

Coming on to Camp Blanding will require you pass through a security check point, the C or D gate.  You must show valid, photo ID regardless of whether or not you’re in a marked unit.  For example if you are coming to train as a LEO you need to show your LEO ID, military would show MIL ID and so on.  This ensures the safety of our service members, our civilian employees and you.  Please have your ID ready, dim lights and limit speed to 15 MPH or less.

Camp Blanding Courses

What equipment is needed for training at MCTFT?

When you come to train at MCTFT, you will need to bring all of your duty gear and equipment.  Our classes are set up with the “train as you fight” motto, meaning that you need to perform during the training scenarios in the same way you would encounter them while on duty.  For example, if you are attending a Tactical Medic course you will want to bring your aid bag in addition to your normal duty or SWAT-style kit.  MCTFT has some equipment that may be signed out or issued per class or training event.  However it is always best to train with your own equipment.

What are the options for eating at MCTFT?

There are a couple dining options available.  If you are attending as an individual, and not part of a group, you can eat at the Regional Training Institute’s Dining Facility.  Your second option is to eat at The Conference Center, which has a buffet and short order capabilities.  Click here for other options and to learn about the couple we provided here.

If you are part of a group, you may be on per diem and exercise the above options, or, your agency may contract through the above facilities for the entire group.

What are the critical CBJTC rules and regulations?

1. No driving on Avenue A unless necessary to access the lodging or dining facilities, and then use only the shortest routes possible. When passing people, do not exceed 15 MPH.  This includes runners, walkers, standing, etc.

2. Running, walking, or jogging is only permitted on Avenues A and C.

3. Speed limit is 40 mph, unless otherwise posted.

4. No cell phone use or texting while driving on post, unless using a hands-free modality.

5. If you are staying at the lodge, pick up your keys at their office.  If you arrive after hours, you will need to get them from the Main Gate Security Checkpoint.  Please have ID and credentials ready.

What MWR (recreation) services are available on Camp Blanding?

MCTFT has a small day room in one of the barracks. There is a TV, DVD player and a refrigerator for students.

MCTFT is very close to Kingsley Lake so you’re enjoy water sports, however, you must provide any boats, jet skis, or equipment.  There is also a shopping mall with a large movie theater about 25 miles north on State Road 21 in Orange Park.

Are any MCTFT (Camp Blanding) courses available online?

E-drug training is available to MCTFT students anytime, anywhere, allowing the student to work at their own pace. The student is able to complete one or all of the courses at their convenience.  MCTFT online courses are interactive, independent study (no Instructor) and upon successful completion of each course, a Certificate of Completion is offered showing that the student has completed sixteen training hours.

Enrollment is simple for MCTFT online training courses.  The student must submit an electronic application through the MCTFT website, and once reviewed, the student will receive an email providing information on accessing the online courses.  Please review the “information about applying” and complete the application form. MCTFT online courses are available to military, law enforcement or criminal justice employees and each student must be verified before enrollment is completed.

Each online course is fully self-contained and provides instruction material, quizzes, and final exams.  Please note that you must have SHOCKWAVE installed on your computer (free download here) in order to participate in many of our course exercises and to view your certificate once you have successfully completed the course. The passing grade is 70% or better on the final exam, in order to receive a Certificate of Completion.  Once you have your Certificate of Completion, you may print it.

How do I get on to Camp Blanding?

MCTFT will make the necessary arrangements for you and your agency to gain access to the camp.  Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns.