Traditional Training Information

The Multijurisdictional Counterdrug Task Force Training Program would be pleased to send training to your organization!  To begin the process, browse traditional training courses on our site. Select the course topics to get a brief outline of each class. The MCTFT Coordinator responsible for scheduling each specific course is listed at the top of each course page. Please contact them directly for assistance.

As a reminder, all of our training is provided tuition free for all officers and the hosting agency. To request a class, your agency’s head or ranking designee must submit a request on agency letterhead documenting the training course and dates requested, the physical address where the training will be held, the name and telephone number of the agency contact person, and a statement indicating an understanding of and agreement with the following requirements:

Prior to the First Day of Class

  • Hosts must secure an appropriate facility for training.
  • Host must diligently market the course to ensure they meet the minimum number of students requirement. The mininum student count is 35 for most courses.
  • The host must include in all training announcements, print or digital, that the training is being offered tuition free to all students.
  • Hosts must maintain a pre-registration list and contact the MCTFT coordinator with an estimated student count five (5) weeks prior to the start of the class, and provide an accurate student count no later than four (4) weeks prior to the start of the class.
  • The host must be available to receive the training materials that will be shipped prior to the class date.
  • The host should be accessible to the instructors prior to the class, allowing instructors to contact them regarding information related to the course. (i.e. clarification on directions to the classroom, etc.).

While Class is in Session

  • The host must arrange the training materials so that they are either placed at each student seat, or so that each student can pick up one of each item on their way into the classroom.
  • The host must be present prior to the opening of the course to facilitate the set up of the instructor’s equipment and materials.
  • A training day consists of eight hours. The host must ensure that training begins promptly to accommodate a full training day.
  • The host must ensure that the audiovisual equipment required for the class (PowerPoint projector, speakers, screen, and TV/VCR) are set up and ready to be used before the students and instructors arrive.
  • The host must ensure that each student completes a registration form, and that these forms are returned to MCTFT via fax before 10 a.m. (EST) on the first day of class. These forms are critical, as they generate the student count and student certificates.
  • The host should oversee the completion of the course evaluations, where applicable.

Upon Completion of the Class

  • Hosts must return Scantron evaluation forms completed by students during the course via mail, per the included envelope and address.
  • Hosts should return unused course materials and evaluation forms to MCTFT.

MCTFT looks forward to assisting you in your training needs. If you need any further assistance or have additional questions, please contact the designated course coordinator.