Course Length: 2 days (16 hours)

MCTFT Coordinators: Gail Walker (727-344-8020)

Thanks to the popular television series, Sons of Anarchy, the country has become enthralled with the idea of outlaw motorcycle gangs (OMGs). But how realistic is the show? Join law enforcement officers and OMG experts Chris Schaefer and Doug Pearson for an in depth perspective to the truth behind these gangs and how they work. Learn why these gangs refer to themselves as “the one percent” and discover the premise behind their culture of law-breaking.

The course will cover the following topics:

  • History of Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs and how they began
  • How to identify OMG members and the philosophy of the 1%er lifestyle
  • What the patches mean to include special patches for different gangs and the “power of the patch”
  • Gang tattoos and their significance
  • In depth examination of the largest and most powerful OMG’s in the nation
  • In depth discussion of one of the most successful infiltrations to date taught by one of the Case Agents
  • Black OMG’s
  • Puppet clubs and how to identify them
  • Recent and significant acts of violence across the country
  • Cop clubs
  • Women and OMG’s
  • Drugs in the OMG world
  • Case Law as it pertains to OMG’s
  • Officer Safety
  • How to make traffic stops on OMG members
  • Major run enforcement
  • Cultivation and management of confidential informants
  • Basics of building a biker gang investigation

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