This course has something to offer everyone, from parent to police officer, who wants to learn how to tell if somebody is lying or telling the truth.

Program Objectives:

  • Learn about body language that gives us away
  • Find out what causes body language and other responses
  • Learn how to listen
  • Find out what questions to ask
  • See how to avoid common pitfalls

Originally Aired: March 24, 2005


Dave Catalano

Wisconsin State Patrol

Mr. Catalano is currently a Sergeant and serves as a Field Supervisor and District Manager within the Wisconsin State Patrol.

Mr. Catalano is the district’s ERU/CD Coordinator, Asset Forfeiture Coordinator, SFST Coordinator and the Background Investigator Co-coordinator.  He is also the State Patrol Agency Coordinator for the Certified Drug Recognition Expert Program.  He instructs at the Wisconsin State Patrol Academy and at various colleges within Wisconsin, and was the lead instructor for the traveling drug enforcement instruction team for Northwestern University Traffic Institute.  He co-authored the original Drug Interdiction Training program in Wisconsin in 1989 and was awarded the Meritorious Service Award, the Achievement Award and numerous additional intradepartmental citations.

Mr. Catalano graduated from Northwestern University School of Police Staff and Command.

Gary Aschenbach

Maryland State Police, Retired

Mr. Aschenbach is the Owner and Operator of LawTech Consulting, a business focused on interview and interrogation as well as statement analysis techniques.

He was the Supervisor of the Drug and Criminal Education Section of the Maryland State Police, having spent eight years as a covert drug enforcement operative and another eight years as a supervisor of various drug units.

Mr. Aschenbach earned a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Maryland.  He is also a graduate of the Northwestern University School of Police Staff and Command and is a certified instructor of the Maryland Police Training Commission in all aspects of drug and criminal enforcement.