During this hour-long broadcast produced entirely by teens, see how running keeps one man in recovery on the right road. Also, see how other activities help people achieve a natural high. We’ll go above the earth and below the surface of the oceans so you can see what helps make people feel alive.

Learn how the brain actually responds to these natural highs and why steering people towards activities can help them stay away from drugs and alcohol

Viewers of this broadcast will learn:

    • How “Natural Highs” affect functioning of the brain
    • Different ways that youth can find pleasure, laughter, excitement that is drug and alcohol free
    • How their actions impact on their friends and family
    • How long-distance running as a “natural high” affects the brain

The target audience for this student-produced program is:

  • High school-aged students who can best influence their peer group
  • Teachers, school administrations, school health care workers and parents who counsel young people about drug and alcohol usage
  • Community coalition members who work to prevent drug use
  • Law enforcement officials
      Originally Aired: May 14, 2009


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