Course Length: 2 days (16 hours)

MCTFT Coordinators: Gail Walker (727-344-8020)

This course will focus on training drug officers to articulate facts in a courtroom or deposition setting in a professional and accurate manner as a means to successful prosecution. Topics of the course will encompass documentation; pre-trial meetings, depositions, and preliminary hearings; types of court cases; types of examination; courtroom demeanor and attire; testifying; defense tactics in the courtroom; witness credibility; experience documentation, and a mock trial practical exercise using counterdrug scenarios.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the importance of accurate case documentation
  • Recognize the special concerns of motions, suppression hearings, and deposition testimony
  • Understand the types of examination in court: direct, cross and re-direct examination
  • Testify and appear in court, in a professional manner
  • Utilize courtroom tactics used by defense attorneys
  • Prepare documentation regarding experience and training

Overview of topics

  • Documentation and Preparation
  • Pre-trial Meetings, Depositions, and Preliminary Hearings
  • Types of Court Cases
  • Types of Examination
  • Courtroom Demeanor and Attire
  • Testifying
  • Tactics in the Courtroom
  • Witness Credibility
  • Experience Documentation
  • Mock Trial Counterdrug Practical Exercise

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