Course Length: 3 days (24 hours)

Coordinator: Gail Walker (click name to email) or call Gail at (727) 344-8020.

This course will provide an overview of procedures, services, and investigative techniques used to obtain background information on suspect general aviation aircraft and airmen. Participants receive in-depth information on the identification of valid pilot and aircraft required documents. Students will understand many of the techniques drug smugglers use to escape identification, the types of authoritative actions law enforcement can apply, and procedures for asset seizure and forfeiture in accordance with federal aviation regulations. Each student will participate in practical exercise on conducting ramp checks at a local airport.  Click here to take the online version!

Course Objectives

  • Utilize sources of aviation information and intelligence in an investigation.
  • Review critical aircraft and pilot documentation.
  • Utilize federal regulations and the types of authoritative actions law enforcement can apply in air investigations including revocation authority, regular and emergency actions, and warrantless searches.
  • Identify aircraft drug smuggling indicators.
  • Safely operate in an airport environment.
  • Conduct a ramp check.
  • Interact with pilots.
  • Use federal and state asset seizure and forfeiture regulations.
  • Avoid common pitfalls of asset forfeiture.

Overview of topics

  • Introduction to General Aviation
  • Characteristics of Drug Smuggling Aircraft
  • FAA Certificates and Administrative Factors
  • Legal Aspects and Law
  • Asset Seizure and Forfeiture
  • Airport Interdiction
  • Intelligence Indices
  • Airport Practical
  • Case Reviews and Investigative Techniques

Course Schedule and Contacts:

Click here to take the online version: Airport Narcotics Investigations