During this broadcast, viewers will learn new techniques to enhance the skills of the detection team.  You won’t just hear someone talk about what dogs can do, you’ll see them do it.  Current K-9 handlers will ask questions and get expert advice from trainers with years of experience.

Whether you’re a K-9 handler or not, you’ll benefit from this broadcast.  Viewers will learn guidelines about when to call for a drug detection dog if you don’t have one on-scene.  We’ll also talk about legal issues related to K-9 teams.

Program Objectives:

  • Improve K-9 skills
  • Learn when to call for a K-9 unit
  • Discuss legal issues dealing with K-9 teams

Originally Aired: July 22, 2004

Target Audience:

Law enforcement officers and members of the legal community.  K-9 handlers will learn new techniques and tricks.  Officers without dogs will see when to call for a K-9 unit.


Frank Campbell

Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, Florida

Frank is currently assigned as the K-9 unit trainer at the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, working a patrol/narcotic dog, as well as overseeing the training for this 11-dog unit. Prior to this assignment, Frank served as a detective/handler in the narcotics division for eight years. He worked all types of interdiction and knock and talks and was assigned to a multijurisdictional task force focusing on Tampa International Airport. His experience as a dog handler/trainer includes three years as a military patrol/drug handler, four years as a patrol/bomb dog handler, and training with the Royal Dutch Airforce and French National Police in Europe. Frank also serves as a USPCA trainer and narcotics judge, and is a Florida certified instructor/evaluator. His other assignments included FTO and SWAT team member/asst. team leader, present /past member DVG and NARA.