Course Length: 3 days (24 hours)

MCTFT Coordinators: Gail Walker (727-344-8020)

This 3-day course will provide experienced investigators, prosecutors, probation and corrections personnel with the investigative and prosecution techniques and strategies to target, indict, and convict entire criminal street gangs.  Your most violent street gangs really are the easiest to eliminate from your community because of the criminal paper trail that already exists, coupled with pro-active measures.  It takes dedication, focus, and a knowledge base of investigative techniques to eliminate the worst of the worst from your community. Any case targeting entire organizations follows the same investigative paths. The difference is what form of evidence you develop along the way, how you use it, and how you apply it towards your goal of incarcerating not just individuals but the street gang as a whole. This course is taught by instructors who have done just that – not once or twice but consistently for 17 to 25 years – not indictments of 5 or 6 individuals but rather the arrests of 30 to 60 individuals at a time. They have that experience, let them show you how it’s done and take back your community!

Course topics include:

  • Conspiracy, RICO, VICAR, CCE, Wires, and More!
  • Development and Pro-Active Use of Informants
  • Step-by-Step Stages of Every Long Term Investigation
  • Current Technologies and Social Media
  • Gang Interviews and Debriefings / Target the Weaknesses
  • Investigative Techniques with the Greatest Success
  • Analysts, Corrections, Probation & Parole
  • Prosecution Strategies and Sentencing Guidelines

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