Times have changed. As research about the brain advances in the 21st century, we certainly have many questions about the brain on drugs. What really happens when drugs get into the bloodstream and to the brain? Do brain cells really die? Are the results different for adults and children, men and women? What has brain research taught us about drug prevention?

During this hour-long broadcast, The Brain on Drugs, we’ll see what drugs do to the brain at different stages of life. Also, learn how to best tailor prevention and treatment efforts.

Key Concepts:

  • Learn what drugs do to the brain
  • Discover how the brain develops
  • Find out how different age groups absorb information, especially prevention messages

Originally Aired: March 25, 2010


Timothy P. Condon, Ph.D.

Deputy Director, National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)

Dr. Condon was appointed as Deputy Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) in 2003. Serving alongside the NIDA Director, Dr. Condon provides leadership in developing, implementing, and managing NIDA’s research programs and strategic priorities. Since coming to NIDA in 1992, Dr. Condon has held a number of prominent science policy positions, including an appointment in 1996 to be NIDA’s first Associate Director for Science Policy, as well as Director of the Office of Science Policy and Communications. Before coming to NIDA, Dr. Condon served in several senior positions, managing research and service programs at the former Alcohol, Drug Abuse, and Mental Health Administration and directing emerging neuroscience technology assessment for the U.S. Congress, Office of Technology Assessment. Dr. Condon received his B.S. in biology and psychology from Boston College and completed his M.S. and Ph.D. in neuroscience at the Department of Physiology, College of Medicine, Ohio State University. His postdoctoral training was in neuroendocrinology and neurophysiology at the Brain Research Institute, UCLA, and the Oregon Health Sciences University.

Amelia M. Arria, Ph.D.

Director of the Center on Young Adult Health and Development at the University of Maryland School of Public Health

Amelia M. Arria, Ph.D. is currently the Director of the Center on Young Adult Health and Development at the University of Maryland School of Public Health and a Senior Scientist at the Treatment Research Institute in Philadelphia. Her research interests span several areas of the alcohol and drug field, including understanding adolescent and young adult patterns of use, health consequences, and effective methods for treatment and prevention. She is involved in studies examining the antecedents and consequences of adolescent and young adult high-risk behaviors, as well as access and utilization of substance abuse and mental health treatment. She has an undergraduate degree from Cornell University, a Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh School of Public Health and completed post-doctoral training at the Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health.

Senta Goudy

Chief of Prevention in the Florida Office of Drug Control

The Office of Drug Control is a part of the Executive Office of the Governor and is charged with coordinating substance abuse prevention, treatment and law enforcement activities across state agencies.

ODC is linked to community anti-drug coalitions in 52 counties in Florida. These coalitions conduct needs assessments, develop strategic plans and build collaborative efforts at the local level. Ms. Goudy partners with the Department of Children and Families to build the capacity of community coalitions and strengthen the use of evidence based practices at both the state and local levels.

Prior to joining DCF, Senta worked for the Florida Alcohol and Drug Abuse Association as their first statewide Director of Prevention, 2004-2006. She was the executive director of The House Next Door, a Volusia County substance abuse prevention services provider, 2000-2004. While working in Volusia County she chaired One Voice for Volusia, one of the largest coalitions in Florida. Before The House Next Door Senta owned and operated Flowing Well Marketing and Public Relations and SHE Tours, an eco-tour company serving all of Florida. Goudy has a Bachelor of Arts in journalism from Marshall University.