The hour-long program Pharmacies Under Siege will focus on this type of crime that is happening all across America. An expert panel will talk about what preventive measures the pharmaceutical industry should take and potential legislative action that could lead to tougher laws against people who steal medication. We’ll also look at the underlying cause of these robberies, the problem of prescription drug abuse.

See how collaboration between law enforcement and the medical community helped Seattle, Washington bring high robbery numbers down.

Key Concepts:

  • See how violent robberies have affected pharmacies across America and why they are happening
  • Find out who often commits such crimes
  • Learn how Seattle, Washington law enforcement agencies and the medical industry collaborated to significantly reduce pharmacy robbery statistics
  • Gain insight into preventive measures that could prevent future crime

Originally Aired: December 6, 2012


Ronald J. Friedman

Former Federal Prosecutor, U.S. Attorney’s Office, Seattle

Ronald Friedman served as federal prosecutor in Seattle for 20 years prior to joining the law firm of Lane Powell in Seattle, where he specializes in defense of DEA registrants and other medical professionals.

While with the Department of Justice, Friedman headed a team of agents and investigators who focused on prescription drug abuse, the diversion of pharmaceuticals, and pharmacy robberies.

Friedman serves on the Washington Attorney General’s Prescription Drug Advisory Task Force, which helped implement a state-wide prescription drug monitoring program.

Joseph Harmison, RPh

Past President, National Community Pharmacists Association

Joseph Harmison is a second-generation pharmacist who values the practice of pharmacy and patient service. He has served as President of the National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) and as chairman of the NCPA Executive Committee.

In July 2012, he presented testimony to the U.S. Senate Caucus on International Narcotic Control responding to the prescription drug abuse epidemic.

Harmison graduated from the University of Oklahoma, College of Pharmacy and currently owns two pharmacies in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.