Follow the lives of seven teenagers who are part of a group counseling session. The issues they face are what our youth see every day. Brian is an alcoholic. Jane drinks as well. Sharon comes from a home with an abusive father and is a “cutter.” Michael is gay, bullied and attempts suicide. Randy is a bully. Jane is a meth addict and Suzanne abuses prescription drugs.

This dramatic presentation doesn’t pretend to solve those concerns of youth just exposes them. This program does not provide answers, it poses the questions and presents the issues. “What We Worry About” provides talking points for discussion in the classroom.

Key Concepts:

  • Learn what steps can be taken to prevent alcoholism in teens
  • See why methamphetamine can be so destructive and dangerous
  • Find out how cutting can be a symptom of other problems
  • Hear why bullies bully and who they target

Originally Aired: May 19, 2011


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