This program will feature youth both in front of and behind the camera, since they’re involved in every aspect of the production. It’s a national broadcast where teens are involved from start to finish, from the scriptwriting to the videography to the final editing.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn from youth about their concerns related to drug abuse and violence
  • Hear about the award-winning drug and alcohol abuse prevention programs in South Carolina
  • Provide talking points for classroom discussion on drug and alcohol use and the abuse and misuse of prescription drugs

Originally Aired: May 1, 2007

Target Audiences:
Primary target audiences for this program will include high school students, teachers, parents, law enforcement officials, drug prevention specialists, Drug-Free Communities Act grantees, administrators, school drug counselors, treatment providers, drug court members, policy makers, business leaders, coalition volunteers, drug demand reduction coordinators, criminal justice professionals, members of the religious community and other community partners who may be interested. This program is also suitable for Public or Cable Access television distribution.