Course #: MCD 0153

Participants receive an overview of what constitutes a suspect airport site, aircraft or airman. They receive in-depth information on the identification of required documents used to license pilots, to register aircraft and the resources law enforcement can contact for further information. Students will learn many of the techniques drug smugglers use to escape identification, hide sales of assets, and set up fraudulent corporations for tax evasion; they will also learn how to prepare seizure documents in accordance with federal aviation regulations.

Course Objectives

At the conclusion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand and know the history of Airport Narcotic Programs.
  • Understand the mission of an Airport Narcotics Program.
  • Understand how to initiate an Airport Narcotics Program.
  • Understand the duties and responsibilities of an officer assigned to the Airport Narcotics Unit.
  • Understand indicators displayed by drug couriers.
  • Understand police/citizen encounters.
  • Understand interviews methods.
  • Gain knowledge of drugs smuggling trends and methods.
  • Gain knowledge of officer safety methods, in regard to police/citizen encounters.
  • Gain knowledge as to the laws, guidelines and restrictions associated with Airport Interdiction.
  • Understand the use of K-9 Drug Detection Dogs.
  • Understand all areas of Airport Interdiction from police-employee (airline) relations to cargo inspection.
  • Understand the Use of National Guard personnel in airport interdiction.
  • Understand investigative methods in Airport Interdiction.
  • Upon completion of course, the student will be able to have the basic knowledge required to work drug interception at an airport.

Target Audience: Active military, active law enforcement, and criminal justice professionals

Course Duration: 16 hours

To apply for access to E Drug training, follow the instructions on the information about applying page. Upon verification of your military, law enforcement or criminal justice employment status, you will receive an email providing information on accessing restricted classes.