This one-hour training documentary focuses on how the illegal
manufacturing, use, abuse and trafficking of methamphetamine
wreaked havoc on this quiet county in the Panhandle. You will hear
first-hand accounts about the dangers of meth from undercover officers,
fire-fighters, DEA and Florida Department of Law Enforcement
methamphetamine experts, as well as heart-wrenching stories from a
former meth addict and a mother whose son committed suicide while high
on meth. This video is designed to appeal to a wide-ranging audience:
law enforcement officers, firefighters, neighborhood and citizen groups,
probation and child protective services workers, drug treatment providers,
schools — anyone or any agency who wants to know more about what
meth is and how to protect yourself from the devastatingly dangerous
demise it is having on communities nationwide.

Program Objectives:

  • Learn how meth is being manufactured in neighborhood homes.
  • Learn how to recognize Clan Lab Indicators — the ingredients,
    chemicals and supplies used to cook meth.
  • Learn how to protect yourself from the dangers of the highly volatile
    chemicals used in illegal clandestine laboratory methamphetamine
  • The environmental hazards associated with the production of
  • Explore the unique dangers meth poses to children.
  • Understand how meth affects the user and how violent and dangerous
    people high on meth can be.
  • Discover effective strategies in fighting the War on Meth.

Originally Aired: September 29, 2005