This hour-long training telecast will explore the illicit world of GHB (Gamma-hydroxybutyrate) drug trafficking, use and abuse.

Scott Albrecht will focus on GHB trafficking, “date-rape” case studies, and GHB on the Internet. Trinka Porrata will focus on use, abuse, addiction and the pharmacological effects of the drug and what law enforcement officers need to know to recognize the indicators that a suspect is high on GHB.

In addition, we will also include a segment on Rave and Club Drugs, particularly Ecstasy, how to recognize the indicators and hear one mother’s story of how an experiment with Ecstasy cost her high school son his life.

Originally Aired: March 4, 2004


Scott Albrecht

Special Agent, Enforcement Administration, Tampa District Office

Trinka Porrata

Narcotics Detective (Retired) Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD),Founder of Project GHB.