Course Length: 2 Hours

The course explores the psychology, anatomy, and effects of explosive devices, and describes how to respond to suspected explosive devices. Further, indoor and outdoor booby traps are described in detail, as well as how to respond to booby traps to avoid injury or death.

A bomb incident plan covers the development of both physical security plans and a bomb threat plan but will not make you a bomb technician or give you knowledge necessary to disarm a device yourself. Produced by MCTFT in partnership with the United States Army Military Police School, and the National Guard Bureau Counterdrug Directorate.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the dangers of explosive devices and booby traps for law enforcement.
  • Know what to look for and learn to respond to suspected explosive devices, including types of explosives and signs of a mail/package bomb, or clandestine laboratory.
  • Recognize a variety of explosive devices, booby traps, and their components. Learn to avoid or minimize injury and death.
  • Develop a bomb incident plan including a physical security plan and a bomb threat plan.

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