See how hundreds of teens join the fight against drugs each year by attending the annual Youth Summit at CADCA’s annual Forum and learn about CADCA’s new National Youth Leadership Academy. Through this and other activities, learn how CADCA is trying to engage youth all around the country to take a stand.

Also,internationally-known addiction expert Dr. Drew Pinsky will talk about teens and addiction in a candid interview. He’ll share his thoughts about how to best approach young people and what tactics work best to get through to them.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn from teens about the best way to talk to teens about drugs
  • Hear what motivates some teens to stay drug-free
  • Listen to coalition leaders about how they make young people part of their coalitions
  • See how CADCA’s Youth Summit and your leadership initiatives can help your community
  • Hear from Dr. Drew Pinsky about teens and addiction

Originally Aired: September 21, 2006

Hosts & Panelists

Katie Paysinger

(Host) Senior, Dayton High School, Dayton, OR
In her words, Katie is actively involved with everything under the sun at school and in her community. This school year, she is president of four different organizations, including the senior class and the National Honor Society. Katie got her start in the prevention world in 8th grade, and two years later got involved in the Methamphetamine Awareness Project with Oregon Partnership. Katie, along with another student, are now members of their local coalition, Dayton Together for a Drug-Free Community.

Kareemah Abdullah

(Host) Deputy Director, Training and Technical Assistance for the National Community Anti-Drug Coalition Institute

Prior to assuming current responsibilities, Abdullah served two consecutive terms on the CADCA National Advisory Committee, was on the Georgia Steering Committee for the Department of Justice Serious and Violent Offender “Coming Home Reentry Initiative,” was Vice President and President-elect of the Board of Directors for the Prevention Credentialing Consortium for the State of Georgia, and served as Chief Executive Officer of Genesis Prevention Coalition, Inc., in Atlanta, GA.

Aril�a deCarvalho

National Coalition Institute, Training and Technical Assistance Associate

Aril�a deCarvalho just completed a degree in Music at Pensacola Christian College in Pensacola, FL. Since 2002 and while completing her degree, Aril�a served as an intern at CADCA in Meetings and Special Events. She now supports the training and technical assistance needs of our coalitions, including managing the events of the Institute such as the Coalition Academy, Youth Summit, and other activities.

Marilyn MacDougal

Executive Director, Drug Use Is Life Abuse, California
Marilyn MacDougall has been the Executive Director of Drug Use Is Life Abuse since 1993. Prior to her position with Drug Use Is Life Abuse, she was a classroom teacher for 25 years. Marilyn holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications from California State University, Fullerton. Programs she has helped to create include Free From Drugs, Positively kNOw Drugs and Positively kNOw Violence. These nationally-recognized programs are currently in the schools in California and Nevada, and internationally in Mexico, Puerto Rico and Finland. Recently she helped to develop a new education program that focuses on students in the middle grades called NEXT Step.

Dr. Drew Pinsky

media host, medical doctor

Dr. Pinsky, or Dr. Drew, as he’s known, is well-known as a radio host, TV personality and author. He’s also a respected medical doctor, board-certified addictionologist and relationship expert. He’s been helping teens and addicts with sexual issues, medical concerns and more for more than 20 years. Dr. Drew has appeared regularly on television programs including The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Today Show, Conan O’Brien, The Late Late Show With Craig Kilborn and many others. National and local news media frequently ask Dr. Drew for his expert opinions.

Khiree Smith, Junior

A.I. Prince Technical School, Hartford, CT

Kihree is a youth leader in the Stump the Violence Youth Leadership Initiative in Hartford, CT. He has been involved in the group since 2002 and has held various leadership positions.

Andrew Woods

Executive Director, Hartford Communities That Care, Hartford, CT
Andrew Woods is the founder of Stump the Violence Youth Leadership Institute, begun in 1998 to address the issues of drug use and violence in Hartford, CT. He is also a state-certified substance abuse counselor. Woods holds a Bachelor of Human Services from Springfield College in Springfield, MA, and serves on several community and school boards dealing with drug and violence prevention issues. He is a grant reviewer for both the CDC and SAMHSA.