During this one-hour training telecast, join host Stan Rhoads to learn how law enforcement is reacting to the ever-changing high-tech world. Also, hear from Tara, a former forger, who told police before going to prison how she committed her crimes and how her methamphetamine habit was the cause of it all.

Key Questions:

  • What problems involving drugs are out there in cyberspace?
  • How is law enforcement reacting?
  • What needs to change to make penalties stronger?
  • How is identity theft linked to drugs?
  • What is the best and most economical way to investigate identity theft cases?
  • What are the best ways to protect yourself from identity theft?

Originally Aired: June 22, 2006


Matthew Murphy

Section Chief, Pharmaceutical Investigations Section, DEA

Murphy has been with the DEA since 1985 and was promoted to section chief in January 2006. Before being named section chief, Murphy was acting section chief of the section. During that time, he developed an undercover credit card account program that provides a way for DEA field divisions to purchase pharmaceuticals via the Internet, enhancing Internet investigations. He was also instrumental in establishing an Internet pharmaceutical task force. Murphy has a Bachelor of Science degree from Northeastern University and a Masters from the University of Virginia.

Ed Hewitt

Retired Detective, Vancouver, WA Police Department’s Major Crimes Unit for White Collar Crimes; owner of Financial SafeGuards, LLC.

During his 31 years of combined law enforcement and private sector business management and investigative experience, Hewitt has successfully spearheaded numerous large and complicated investigations into cases involving organized crime, identity theft, insurance and investment fraud, Internet fraud, and corporate and nonprofit embezzlement. He is considered an expert on identity theft and Internet crime. Hewitt holds a BS degree from Washington State University in Police Science and Administration; he retired from police work in July 2005 to start his own consulting, investigations and training company, headquartered in Eagle, ID, known as Financial SafeGuards, LLC.

Mickey Dunnavant

Crisp County, GA Sheriff’s Office; Instructor, Multijurisdictional Counterdrug Task Force Training Program (MCTFT)

Dunnavant has been involved in law enforcement since 1991 and currently serves in the Investigative Division of the Crisp County Sheriff’s Office. Since 1998, Dunnavant has investigated financial and identity fraud crimes and assists with in-service training for his agency and others. He is a certified instructor for the State of Georgia, holds a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice from Troy State University, and is currently working on his Masters degree there. Dunnavant has worked federal cases with the United States Secret Service, United States Postal Inspectors, United States Customs Service, UPS, multiple credit card fraud services, and the Georgia Bureau of Investigations, and has testified before Federal Grand Juries concerning mail fraud.