Course Length: 4 Hours

This course provides an overview of analytical investigative tools and techniques. The course introduces the role of the analyst and the analytical process for narcotic law enforcement officers. A brief overview of drugs of abuse is followed by a set of analytical ‘tools’ including methods for acquiring information, techniques for representing and analyzing information, and an overview of financial investigations. Produced by MCTFT in partnership with the United States Army Military Police School, and the National Guard Bureau Counterdrug Directorate.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the role of the analyst, the components of the analytical process, and the importance of critical thinking.
  • Identify drugs of abuse, their primary sources and the primary methods of distribution.
  • Identify sources of information, including federal state and local sources, major computer databases and confidential sources.
  • Understand the purpose of flowcharting, and learn to create event, commodity, and activity flowcharts.
  • Learn the purpose of link analysis, how to organize data into an association chart, and how to create a link analysis chart.
  • Understand the purpose of telephone toll analysis, identify methods of electronic surveillance and procedures to perform telephone toll analysis.
  • Describe the purpose of financial analysis, money laundering, and procedures to launder money.
    Learn about the Posse Comitatus Act.

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