St. Petersburg College Allstate Center is home to state-of-the-art classrooms, including but not limited to, a courtroom, indoor firing range, a jail cell and a driving course. Located close to both the Tampa International Airport and the St. Petersburg/Clearwater Airport, the campus is easy to get to from anywhere in the country. It is also conveniently located a few miles away from MacDill Air Force Base, home to Central Command and Special Operations Command.


Complete with a jury stand, witness stand, and tables for the prosecution and defense teams.

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We have a variety of classrooms, from small lecture halls to forensic laboratories.  Whether you are receiving instruction from our staff or conducting your own training, our classrooms can meet your needs with a minimum amount of set up.

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St. Petersburg College has a classroom set up as a two bedroom apartment for crime scene investigations.

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There are three cells, one for each type of door you will encounter in a jail setting.

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We are equipped with a large, flat driving course and police training vehicles. This course is suitable for obstacle training and so much more.

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Our virtual studio delivers top quality training on a variety of subjects.  In use since 2007, the virtual studio allows for an infinite arrangement of sets, graphics, and videos to be displayed within a single production room.

The room can also help those that deal with the media learn to do so in a controlled environment first.

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Equipped with free weights and a limited number of machines, it’s all you need to maintain your fitness during your time here.

There are also plenty of roadways to run on, on our campus as well.

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Equipped with 30 shooting lanes as well as weapons and targets, this indoor range will meet your agencies needs.

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Secret Compartment Recognition Education

We offer a SCoRE or Secret Compartment Recognition Education training course, equipped with multiple trailers, buses, and vehicles with hidden compartments.

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