Located on the Camp Blanding Joint Training Center (CBJTC), the 125-acre MCTFT facility is a short drive away from the Jacksonville Intternational Airport, and the intersection of Interstate 10 & 295. This campus hosts seven state-of-the-art classrooms, a tactical training lab, obstacle course, 60-student barracks, and more. A five minute drive away, the Post Exchange can meet most equipment needs as well as provide refreshments and other comfort items.

MCTFT has access to all of the training areas that Camp Blanding has to offer. Training areas include urban training facilities, live fire ranges, obstacle courses, rappel towers, maritime training area, the CBJTC airfield, and 72,000 acres of rural training areas.


A 2500 sq.ft. training area equipped with a configurable wall system, two sets of stairs, and several rooms on the second floor. A catwalk allows for observation of entire first floor area.


MCTFT is located on Camp Blanding, near Starke, FL. This is a premier National Guard Training Site with a variety of ranges for training. Multiple 25-meter ranges that can accommodate pistol and rifle fire as well as Known Distance Ranges (out to 600m), and Multi-Use Machine Gun Ranges that can reach out to 1500m and beyond. A 45-day lead time is generally preferred for schedule purposes.


Camp Blanding has a MOUT Site (Military Operations in Urban Terrain) that is a short 20 minute ride from our main campus on Camp Blanding. This facility consists of 16 buildings including office, school, garage, hospital, bank, and apartment buildings. While MOUT training is prohibited for civilian law enforcement, this facility is excellent for large scenarios and offers unique opportunities for training in urban environments.


Camp Blanding is host to the US Army Air Assault Course and is equipped with a state-of-the-art rappel tower and a full-service obstacle course. This facility is open for use by MCTFT and serves as a great confidence builder as well as a way to work on tactical rappelling fundamentals. The MCTFT campus also maintains a smaller rappel tower that will soon support FAST Rope capabilities. MCTFT staff include Tactical Rappel Masters and MCTFT has enough equipment to support your training needs.


The Urban Defense Building (UDB) is a large, three story building, located on main post. This building will present challenging tactical problems with its non-traditional floor plan. Force on Force training is utilized here. It is surrounded by woods, which will support a dismounted tactical approach. It also has a dirt road that accesses the site. The facility also has a tunnel trainer for sewer type scenarios.


MCTFT has four, 40+ seat classrooms. Each is wired for sound and has its own projector. Whether you are receiving instruction from our staff or conducting your own training, our classrooms can meet your needs with a minimum amount of set up.


Our 16-event course is designed to test strength and endurance. Equipped with bleachers it can also be used as an outdoor classroom.


Our 100-acre training area is located immediately adjacent to the campus. This training site is a moderate to densely forested area in which we conduct Land Navigation, Patrolling, and Tracking practical exercises.


The Leadership Reaction Course (LRC) is a multi-station site with varied, isolated problem solving events designed to test the creativity and teamwork of a small group or team.


Our accommodations consist of three, 20-bunk open bay barracks just yards away from MCTFT’s other facilities. Each bed has its own wall locker and there is a small day room with a television, DVD, and large refrigerator.


Equipped with free weights and a limited number of machines, it’s all you need to maintain your fitness during your time here. The gym is equipped with a cipher lock and is available for use 24/7.


Camp Blanding boasts a wide-range of recreational and outdoor activities from camping and fishing to boating and swimming. Recreational lodging options are available such as cottage rentals, campground lot rentals, and public lodging.